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New York, USA



State/Province : Latitude: 42.78895101539244, Longitude: -76.201171875


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Boutwell, Sally  1825New York, USA I124
2 Brooks, Electa A  1848New York, USA I126
3 Brooks, Harold L  1918New York, USA I134
4 Brooks, Heman  1858New York, USA I128
5 Brooks, Ida  1859New York, USA I129
6 Brooks, James H  1853New York, USA I127
7 Brooks, Jane  1823New York, USA I156
8 Brooks, Maria  1833New York, USA I154
9 Brooks, Orin L  1845New York, USA I125
10 Brooks, Paul  1919New York, USA I135
11 Brooks, Paul Ambrose  12 Mar 1893New York, USA I77
12 Carleton, Martin  1809New York, USA I92
13 Christy, Phyllis M  12 Mar 1917New York, USA I24
14 Collins, Bernard D  1911New York, USA I136
15 Collins, Daniel L  1879New York, USA I130
16 Collins, Herbert D  1907New York, USA I131
17 Collins, James A  1909New York, USA I132
18 Collins, Lola M  1912New York, USA I137
19 Crockett, Douglas H  24 Aug 1886New York, USA I30
20 Prince, Erma Mae  8 Sep 1895New York, USA I133
21 Sutton, Charles  1842New York, USA I157
22 Sutton, Lucretia  1845New York, USA I158
23 Sutton, Lyman C  1819New York, USA I155
24 Sutton, Lyman H  1848New York, USA I159
25 Thompson, Elmer E  1861New York, USA I59
26 Thompson, Eva J  Apr 1858New York, USA I61
27 Woodhead, Edna Aspinwall  11 Sep 1892New York, USA I67
28 [Slaght], Clorinda  1800New York, USA I187