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New York, USA



State/Province : Latitude: 42.78895101539244, Longitude: -76.201171875


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Boutwell, Sally  1825New York, USA I124
2 Brooks, Electa A  1848New York, USA I126
3 Brooks, Heman  1858New York, USA I128
4 Brooks, Ida  1859New York, USA I129
5 Brooks, James H  1853New York, USA I127
6 Brooks, Jane  1823New York, USA I156
7 Brooks, Maria  1833New York, USA I154
8 Brooks, Orin L  1845New York, USA I125
9 Brooks, Paul  1919New York, USA I135
10 Brooks, Paul Ambrose  12 Mar 1893New York, USA I77
11 Carleton, Martin  1809New York, USA I92
12 Christy, Phyllis M  12 Mar 1917New York, USA I24
13 Collins, Bernard D  1911New York, USA I136
14 Collins, Daniel L  1879New York, USA I130
15 Collins, Herbert D  1907New York, USA I131
16 Collins, James A  1909New York, USA I132
17 Collins, Lola M  1912New York, USA I137
18 Crockett, Douglas H  24 Aug 1886New York, USA I30
19 Prince, Erma Mae  8 Sep 1895New York, USA I133
20 Sutton, Charles  1842New York, USA I157
21 Sutton, Lucretia  1845New York, USA I158
22 Sutton, Lyman C  1819New York, USA I155
23 Sutton, Lyman H  1848New York, USA I159
24 Thompson, Elmer E  1861New York, USA I59
25 Thompson, Eva J  Apr 1858New York, USA I61
26 Woodhead, Edna Aspinwall  11 Sep 1892New York, USA I67
27 [Slaght], Clorinda  1800New York, USA I187